Amelia’s Family Ties

October 2007


From School Library Journal:

“Amelia and her notebook are back. She has finally written to her father, whom she has never met, and received a reply asking her to come meet him, her stepmother, and her half-brother at their home in Chicago. This is a big step for any child, but Amelia, feisty as ever, takes the plunge. She predictably loves baby George, hates Clara, and is unsure about her father until he finally says he’s loved her all along. However, Moss does not candy coat the situation; she allows Amelia to voice her insecurities about what it means to have a father, to be angry at Clara for reading her notebook, to feel uncute in comparison to George, and even to think her dad’s hairy hands are gross. The author once again has her finger on the pulse of her audience, who will appreciate Amelia’s honest expression of her feelings. The text is handwritten and colorful line drawings decorate the pages.”

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