Amelia’s Book of Notes & Note Passing

March 2005


A Note from the Author — Amelia! “Here’s another note in a notebook FULL of notes — good ones, mean ones, ones passed in class, and ones that show you who your true friends are. Trust me, it’s a notable experience.” — me, Amelia

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From Booklist

Gr. 3-5. When Maxine, a tall, stylish student from Los Angeles, joins the sixth-grade class, Amelia is polite but uninterested in the newcomer. Soon, though, Maxine comes between Amelia and her best friend, Carly. Meanwhile, a series of mean, anonymous notes hurt Amelia more than she wants to admit out loud, but she sets down her pain, loneliness, and anger in her notebook. Though the scene in which several victims of the poison-pen notes take their revenge seems morally ambiguous, this true-to-school-life, first-person story, illustrated with color and verve, will no doubt have Amelia’s fans firmly in her corner. Carolyn Phelan Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved