Last Things

2017 Robert Cowan Award winner for Last Things

Last Things has been selected by the WNBA for the 2017 Great Group Reads

As part of National Reading Group Month, the Women’s National Book Association will be promoting the Great Group Reads 2017 Selections through WNBA Chapter programs in twelve cities including our Centennial Celebration and Annual Meeting in New York City this October; through our bookstore and library partners; through our website (including a downloadable Media Tool Kit); and press releases to various markets, including libraries and regional booksellers associations. Great Group Reads 2017 Selections will be displayed and promoted at major events around the country throughout the month of October as our chapters partner with established, well-respected literary festivals to highlight this amazing list of books perfect for discussion and conversation in any book club.

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Watch the video book trailer here.

Last Things: A Graphic Memoir

Last Things: A Graphic Memoir

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